So today I am mostly going to stay well away from social media.
This is because I know I will just get annoyed and frustrated by people’s opinions of what is happening today in London; namely the funeral of MT.
I consider myself to be fairly apolitical, in much the same way as I am atheist.
The smug self satisfied self serving right wing will all be bleating on at any opportunity today about what a great lady MT was, forgetting the destruction she wrought over massive areas of the country.
They will claim she was strong willed and stood her ground unlike modern day politicians, that her policies saved a once great nation from economic ruin.
They will deliberately forget to mention, or more likely just not care about, the many people who lost jobs, homes and lives because of MT and her aggressive politics.
Meanwhile the left wing will be pouring out a disgraceful tirade if abuse at what amounts to a dead old lady being buried. Celebrating in the streets, drinking champagne and having a party because someone you didn’t like has died is pretty low behaviour.
I voiced this opinion recently and got asked if I believe that it was wrong for people who lived under Gadaffi to celebrate, or any of the other brutal dictator regimes for that matter. After a little bit of thought I came back with a yes.
You see MT was no dictator, she won three general elections. Many people liked her policies and her politics.
But mainly to celebrate the death of someone, another human being, well that doesn’t sit right with me I’m afraid. Sure, be happy that they have gone; if you have lived your life under a brutal dictator and then they are gone, well that must be fantastic. Celebrate your freedom, not their death.
I am fortunate enough to not know what that feels like; oppression. So maybe I’m wrong
But one thing I do know; to avoid getting bloody annoyed at people fawning over the death of a politician (see previous post Death of a Celebrity) they didn’t know or celebrating the death of a sick old woman, I’m going to attempt some will power today.
See you all tomorrow social networkers.

Ps; I’m still in bed at the moment. It sounds wet outside. I may stay here.