So we’re nearly at March already. How did that happen? Haven’t we only just had NYE?
Anyway they say as you get older time goes faster. Or is that as you get older you’ll get up in the night for a wee more often? I forget. Apparently age also affects the memory, but I can’t remember who told me that. Also, I may get up in the night for a wee more often. And my memory may go, too.
Right, stop that.
So my daughter is three years old in a couple of weeks. Flippin’ ‘eck. I cannot believe how fast 2023 is going. Apparently as you get older time goes faster…
I’ve had an up and down year so far; a swift and unplanned change of jobs, a twelve week scan (eeeeeehh!) and guess what?
I’ve only gone and bloomin’ well started to do a bit of writing haven’t I?! It’s all a bit naff so far I think, but I have actually done a bit of planning, plus a little actual writing. It’s very exciting (for me at least).
Anyway that’s all I’ve got for now, plus I don’t want to bore anyone. You’ve all got lives to lead, plus I have a cup of tea to finish.
Have a good one folks!