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I’d like to make quite clear right now; I AM NO CHEF.

I think you’ve got the point…

I made myself what can only be comsidered a BLOODY hot chilli con carne the other day.

Check out what it had in it;

  • About a tablespoon of Chilli Oil (home made with Bhut Jolokia chillis)
  • 2 x Birds eye/Finger chillis
  • Good teaspoon of Naga Chilli Paste
  • Teaspoonish of Hot Tobasco
  • Tablespoonish of Fiery Chilli Ketchup
  • Teaspoonish of Chilli Flakes
  • Teaspoonish of Bhut Jolokia Chilli Powder
  • Teaspoonish of Hot Smoked Paprika


For those of you not familiar with chillis, the Bhut Jolokia and the Naga are two of the hottest varieties wieghing in at about 1million+ Schoville Heat Units (SHU); the scale used to define chilli heat. A Jalepeno, to put it in some perspective, is about 2500 SHU.

Now I love my food hot…and this was.

I wouldn’t recommend for most people to try it, only if you really like your food with a kick (note; I eat Phall currys quite regularly – so hot they are not on most curry restaurant menus).

The rest of the chilli was just onion, garlic, mince beef, tinned tomato and stock cubes…so nothing out of the ordinary.

Try it if you feel brave…

Check this out for some of the ingredients; great chilli website!


I don’t normally do politics or religion and I tend to stay away from news, current affairs or anything sensible.  Most of my previous posts have been personal, possibly even intimate (not in a fifty shades way though…).

But I wanted to do a quick “review” of 2012, bit on a personal level I guess. I also don’t do NY resolutions, but I’m sort of including one here too…

I thought last year was awesome.  I’m not into outrageous statements of emotion or patriotism on a day to day basis; but 2012 kicked some backsides.

The NYE fireworks at the end of 2011 were the best I can remember in quite some time.  I remember watching them on TV with friends and being quite cynical; “yeah honestly we’ll do a great olympics and diamond jubilee.  It’s not going to be naff or anything”.

Well I got owned I don’t mind telling you. I had to put away my usual sarcastic cynicism – which I did thinking I’d be able to fish it out later on and apply both with the proverbial trowel. But alas. We (Britain that is.  I personally had minimal input) put a bloody good show, what? What a bloody fantastic year.  Despite the weather, the Queen’s refusal to sit in her expensive chair and some hoola-hooping pop stars the Jubilee celebrations were a fantastic show of what Britain does so well; pomp and ceremony. I have to admit, despite not being the biggest royalist in the world, I enjoyed (parts of) it.

And then “summer” happened and with it the bohemoth of the Olympics and Paralympics was dragged firmly into view.  And they were both fucking terrific.  On NYE I watched the “50 greatest Olympic memories” programme, or whatever it was called.  I found myself getting a strange feeling inside..I think it was national pride.  I seriously could have started 2012 all over again.  I got so caught up in the sporting achievements of so many great and inspiring people I would go through the personal sadnesses I sufferred again to get that feeling back.

Except, of course, I can’t do that.  What is gone is gone.

So I am hereby vowing to make 2013 the year I make myself proud of what I achieve; not of the personal triumphs of others’ but my own.  I have, since the age of about seven, wanted to write something (see my previous post “The Unbearable…” for details of why I haven’t managed up to now) and I am going to do it this year.  No excuses.  No bullshit.  I currently have five ideas for stories, either short or full length or whatever.  ONE of them at least is getting written this year.  I promise.

And so, very quickly.. Something heard this week that pissed me off…politicians wanting a payrise.  Seriously? (I have no idea why I am now writing in italics.  It just happened and I can’t change it back) A pay rise?  The number 32% has been bandied about.  That can fuck right off.  They have run this country into the ground, all of them left or right, and they want a raise.  Consider the fact that they already earn over twice the national average wage, plus benefits.  Bastards.


Anyway (ooh, we’re back to normal) I don’t do politics as I said, so I’ll leave that for more intelligent people to debate.

Have a good year everyone.