About a week ago we bought our two year old a DVD set. Nothing spectacular about. It was a box set of animated films, special editions particularly made for a special time of year.
That’s right; we bought the Dreamworks Christmas triple DVD collection including such modern classics as Kung fu panda (po’s winter wonderland), merry Madagascar and Dragons (gift of the night fury).
I’ve sat and watched them today with my smallest as she isn’t feeling too good. A sofa and duvet day.

I have noticed a strange occurrence.
Only one of the three films (four if you include the extra on dragons) actually mentions the word Christmas. It’s in merry Madagascar, where they manage to shoot down father christmas’s sleigh. It would be hard to avoid saying the C word with Santa sat there in the middle of an African jungle.
The other two films totally avoid the C word, even though they are based around a “winter festival”. It’s ludicrous really.
Remember this is on a Christmas special DVD. NO-ONE would buy this set unless they celebrated Christmas. If they were offended by the concept of Christian celebrations they wouldn’t even have picked the bloody thing up.
Unless they were blind, maybe.
I’m an atheist and therefore have as much “right” to be offended by the enforced seasonal celebrations as anyone, but you know what?
So there.
Have a good holiday season everyone.