I’m adding something on.  Another driver misdemeanour.

I did a little experiment the other day whilst preparing to take my daughter to school and myself to work.

Okay, to make it all proper and sciencey and to get any true results I may have to repeat the same experiment again (and again, etc) but I’m not going to. I’m happy with my results, thanks.

This could only really work at this time of year; and equally is only really relevent at this time of year but as this time of year happens, well, every year at about this time it will continue to be at least a little bit important.

If anyone has read the initial post regarding things people do in cars that pisses me off then they’ll know how long the list finished up being after starting only with the misuse of indicators.  I promise to try not to let this one do the same…

Thursday morning I went out to the car, loaded my daughter and associated baggage in to take her to school and me to work, as I said. It was cold; the thermometer in my car said -3.5 and it properly felt it.  There was ice on the outside and the inside of the windscreen and all the windows of my car.


You see it all the time; people in the morning on the way to work leaning forward in the car to squint through the quarter of an inch of clear windscreen they could be bothered to remove the frost or ice from.  Heaters on full blast as they drive down the road unable to see anything.

So I decided to see how long it would take my car to clear completely.  No scraping, just a spray of de-icer on the outside and turing the engine on.

Then waiting.  I put some music on.

And waited some more.

I turned the music up.

And slowly; oh so slowly…

The. Windscreen. Cleared.

And how long did this little miracle take? half an hour? longer?

No. Eight and a half minutes was all it took.  The windscreen and all the other windows on the car were 90% or so clear.  I drove to work (after dropping daughter at school) and I could see.


Or maybe playing this loud helped;