Something happened to me today.

I got a feeling, an emotion, that I have never had before and hope to never have again.

We had taken our two year old to a Christmas party; loads of kids haring around shouting, eating sugary rubbish and hitting each other with balloons. There was an entertainer and Father Christmas made an appearance. It was all very festive (if a bit early in the month for my liking).

Part way through the entertainment, which consisted of some magic tricks and balloon animals and that sort of thing, the most horrific thing that has ever happened to me, well, happened.  It was over in no time; seconds really.  But it was truly horrible.

I couldn’t see my daughter ANYWHERE.

In a crowded, busy, noisy room full of laughing and shouting and music; she was gone. Disappeared. I hadn’t seen where she had gone, or who with.

Blind, ugly, unbelieveable panic rose up through me; clenching it’s fist around my throat and causing my heart to miss beats. I felt physically sick.

As I said, it was over before it began really.  I quickly noticed that my mum had also disappeared.  As had my dad.  I rushed over to a door and poked my head around it and there she was; laughing and joking with her grandparents.

I won’t ever be able to fully describe the horror I felt for those few seconds, and I hope to never have the opportunity to describe them again.

All’s well that ends well, so they say.