You live and learn, so the saying goes.
Never a truer word was spoken.

About half an hour ago I was in the kitchen at home preparing cheese on toast for my two year old and I for lunch. She asked for a little piece of cheese, and I obligingly gave her a little bit to nibble on whilst I made the delights to be served for us for afternoon grub.
Obviously (I say this as a dog owner) there was 30 kilos of black Labrador hanging around; waiting for anything to be dropped or just held at the incorrect/correct angle (this depends on point of view). The following conversation ensued;

Me to daughter; “don’t give the dog that cheese”
daughter to me “why not?”
me “dogs don’t eat cheese”
daughter “yes they do. look” *hands cheese to grateful Labrador*
d “see”.
me “oh. not quite what I meant, but I see your point”.
*dog licks lips and wags tail, walking away*

So what have I learned today? the truth is only a point of view; and toddlers need things explaining to them, or they have a tendancy to misunderstand…

Onwards and upwards, I suppose.