A while ago “they” decided that, partly as a fiscal matter, turning off our street lighting between the hours of midnight and six in the morning was a good idea.

Firstly i don’t know who “they” are; local or central government…it really doesn’t matter the fact remains that for six hours the street lights are dark.

summer months; no great shakes…

winter months? proper horror story bastard dark.

My mum seems to think that this lack of street lighting in the local area (I actually think it might be a bit more universal than that) is going to manifest itself into some crime surge.

I am lucky enough to live in an area of low crime…I have dubbed where I live as “the town that crime forgot” before…somewhat flippantly but never the less there is a certain truth to it.

I can’t bring myself to say to my mum that she is being daft, irrational and reactionary.

I have a point of view on this that maybe somewhat different to other people; I have been on the other side of cime…


I was a copper for three years.

I seriously doubt the negative effects of this street lighting policy on the crime lvels in towns such as where I live; in a city sure it may be a bad idea, but it shows how peoples perceptions of crime can be askew.  My mum genuinely believes that crime rates will soar (from none to three, I could point out).

Anyway, this is all a bit of a jumble. Am I trying to make a point? maybe…probably that people like my mum should be much more concerned about the recent PCC elections and the effects that they will have on crime and policing than with wether a few hours more darkness will lead to a wave of crime and terror.

But mainly; seriously, are these people fucking stupid? Is it only me who sees the completely obvious answer to this issue? Turn off half the lights, thus saving instantly fifty pecent plus leaving enough lights to satisfy peoples concerns.  Bloody simple real

a really good idea; honest.

ly eh?

If you want to know more about the insidious PCC elections and the possible affects on our safety, read this..it’s quite worrying…