I recently (August: if I’m truthful not that recently) undertook and completed (read SMASHED) the Three Peaks Challenge.

For those not familiar with this it involves the three highest mountains in the UK and twenty four little hours. You can put it together from there I am sure.

I didn’t expect to enjoy myself and that certainly wasn’t what it was about, but I had a ball.  I completed the challenge with two friends; good guys, solid guys.  We were raising money for Meningitis UK, a UK based charity whose aim is to find a vaccine for the disease to irradicate it.  I won’t go into the reasons for the choice of this charity; that is not my story to tell.

It felt good to do something positive in the name of charity, maybe part of the reason I had such a good weekend.  But the real good feeling came a couple of days ago when I read this;


it made me feel warm on the inside;  maybe, just maybe, I helped this.

Okay, two things; I know it’s unlikely the few hundred pound I personally raised made that collosal a difference and; it’s crass to feel smug about work done for charity.

But that’s not really what I meant, I suppose.  It just felt good.

In your face, meningitis.

if you want to learn more about meningitis, go here;