ImageWow, I haven’t been very good at this have I? Dreadful really.  It seems so easy, just putting some words in an order to mean what I’m thinking.

So today is wonderfully, splendidly, depressingly half way through the merry month of MoVember.  Me and the boys at work  thought we’d give it a go.  I have never tried it before, I am useless at growing any facial hair…

…or so I thought!

I’m not say the ‘tache is good; it is trully bloody awful, but it is there and oh so more luxuriant than I thought it woul be…

And of course it is all in the name of better health; of men figuratively speaking removing heads from backsides and at least thinking about “mens issues”.

See, even on here I cannot say “testicular” without wincing, or at best chuckling.

Anyway, the sooner this debacle of a sham of a month is over the better.  I love the thought of a smooth upper lip once more.  But for now, keep it up Mo Bros…be strong!

I’ll post a pic of me and the boys at work with our finished Mos at a later date.