an actual bona-fide piece of piss to use, honest.

There is something that happens on a daily basis on every road in the country that annoys me to the bottom of the irritable grumpy old man I try and bury deep inside me. I shouldn’t let it get to me; it is such a seemingly small thing. But I cannot help it.

It is not something that people do; it is something that they DON’T do.

How many times, when you are driving your car, do you use your indicators? Think about it; is it every time you turn or begin a manoeuvre? Or only if there is someone else about? Or never?

Whether I am walking or driving; the misuse, or non-use, of indicators winds me up. It makes me want to shout and wave my arms in frustration and not only if it directly affects me.

Picture the scene. You are sat in the driving seat of your car, a clear road ahead of you. Your left hand turn is approaching. Do you a) drive along until the last minute then violently swing into the turn regardless of anyone else present like a thoughtless twat, or b) USE YOU FUCKING INDICATORS like a proper sensible driver who has taken a test and got a licence not bought on eBay?

The choice is yours, of course. We live in a wonderful free country with free will and the ability to make our own decisions. But please, if you are a non-indicator just consider for a second the poor bloke who spent his time fixing the fiddly little bastard things to your car in the first place. He didn’t do it without good cause.

Do you want to know why it annoys me so much? Well, here it is; it takes absolutely zero effort to actually indicate. It takes no time, isn’t in any way inconvenient and can actually make life a whole lot easier.

On another note entirely, I nearly got hit by a car the other day because I failed to fully realise he was turning left at a junction. All my own fault, obviously.

And don’t even get me started on the buggers who use their mobile goddam phones whilst driving. (I’d like to freeze time, remove and dismantle the mobile phone, replace it in their hand with a scorpion and place the bits of ex-phone on the passenger seat. Then restart time, obviously.)

And hazard warning light misuse…

And seat belt non-use…


Red lights…

…*walks off mumbling and kicks a stone*